Search assignment

Unburdening you is our main mission. The only thing we ask of you is to let us know your wishes and budget in advance and we will do the rest! Before you know it, we will contact you and give you a great proposal. So you can drive around in that dream car you’ve been looking for, long sooner than you think. Would you like a free consultation or to place a search request?

You search,
we find!

Are you just looking for a nice used car yourself? Then walk into our showroom. We always have some nice models on display. View our current range here. Our cars are Are you looking for your (used) dream car, but can’t find it in our range or even somewhere else? Then give Car Relief a search request. We are happy to help you in your search. We have a national network, extensive knowledge of the market and as an independent broker we can negotiate very keenly for you. Of course nothing is signed before we a used car has undergone a thorough inspection and a comprehensive check