Purchase and sale

Do you have plans to sell your car? Car Relief is always looking for cars that are attractive to the market. Generally, these are higher-end cars that are several years old. Do you have an interesting car you want to sell and don’t feel like waiting a long time? Then feel free to drop by. After an inspection of the car, we’ll provide an appraisal and you’ll get a realistic offer. If we agree, we can take over the car immediately. No long waits, a good price and excellent service: that is Car Relief!

Selling in a different way

Another possibility is that we sell the car for you, while you can continue to drive it. In that case we take professional photos, with a matching description. We then place the car on our website and, by arrangement, on other sites as well. Only when a serious buyer presents itself, we will contact you and you may not be able to use the car for a while.

Our showroom

Are you just looking for a nice used car yourself? Then walk into our showroom. We always have some nice models on display. View our current range here. Our cars are all competitively priced and always come with a complete inspection report. At Car Relief you will never be surprised. We are also happy to be of service after your purchase also if something is not to your satisfaction (although that rarely happens), for periodic maintenance, APK and or maintenance. Is your dream car not in our showroom? Then place a search request. You search, we find!