Financial and Operational

Putting down a large sum of money for a new car is not always easy. Fortunately, there are always options. Financing a new car is the most normal thing in the world. You pay a fixed amount per month so you can get on the road carefree. Car Relief has good contacts with several leasing companies. First we look at the car you want. Then we look for an appropriate contract.

Financing a car

Whether you are a private or business driver, you can finance your new car. If you choose financial lease, you pay off the car. After completion of the contract, the car is yours. Furthermore, you arrange your own car insurance and road tax. If you take an operational lease, then the car remains with the lease company. However, costs such as road tax and car insurance are included in the lease price.

Foreign cars

Have you seen a car abroad? Even then it can be financed through a lease contract. After all, bringing cars from abroad to the Netherlands is something we do on a regular basis. Once your new car is on Dutch soil, we can have it financed by a leasing company. We import the car and present you with a few options. Together we look at the most advantageous solution.