Foreign cars

As a car enthusiast, you don’t want to be limited to the Dutch market. Have you found your dream car abroad, or are you specifically looking for a model? Don’t worry. Car Relief has a large worldwide network. We will bring your car to the Netherlands. Whether you have seen a beautiful model yourself, or you let us search for a car: Car Relief ensures that your new car will be on your doorstep in no time.

Importing your dream car

Getting a car from abroad can be a challenge. For many individuals, there are quite a few steps involved. An import inspection, BPM, import duties, registration: just a few of the things that need to be taken care of. Should you let this limit you? We do not think so. You want a beautiful car, we take care of it for you. At Car-Relief we take the whole package off your hands. We will personally make sure that your car gets to the Netherlands.

Our service

At Car Relief, we import cars on a regular basis. We cross the border ourselves and bring the most beautiful models to the Netherlands. And we’re not just talking about a day trip to Germany. Our network is bigger than that. We can regularly be found in the US, in Sweden and in Dubai. No continent is too far away for us.

For us, it’s pretty simple: every car enthusiast is entitled to his or her dream car. We actively think along with your wishes. Even if you have found a car abroad, we may continue the search for you. After all, why pay too much when we can get you a better deal?