About us

Every car enthusiast deserves to drive his or her dream car. Regardless of price range or type of brand. Country borders should not be a limitation to buy your favorite car. With that thought Car Relief was founded.

Owner Rutger van Beek has been a car fanatic all his life. At a young age, he knew his future lay in the automotive world. Rutger studied at the well-known IVA Business School. During his education he gained work experience at several large car dealerships. After years of selling cars, the time was ripe to start his own business.

“There is a knowledge gap between consumers and dealers,” Rutger explains. “Customers are often ignorant, while a car dealer has all the knowledge. So often customers pay too high a price because they are unaware of prices and margins. That’s where I’m making a change.”

For Rutger, the mission of his company is clear. Every customer should drive a car he or she wants. No matter where it is in the world. Is a car for sale in the Middle East? Or does a car need to come from America? Car Relief personally travels the world to find the best cars. With happy customers as a result.